Help Clients Discover Their Life Purpose, Hidden Talents And Design a Life of Meaning & Significance.

Imagine waking up everyday, knowing your work matters. Most of your clients will meet with you by phone or Skype. You make your own hours. You can work from home. You can change lives and finally earn your worth by helping others.


Dear Friend,

Are you curious as to how you can be more fulfilled in your career, relationships, and life in general?

If so, consider investing in becoming an Authorized and Certified PRISM consultant.

Once trained, you will be able to work with individuals on providing the revolutionary PRISM assessment consultation and PRISM life design programs to individuals and corporations. Some people take the course just because they want to master the material and apply it in your own life. Whether you want to help others or just redesign your own life... join us.

The Prism Life Assessment is an in-depth profile of the core components of your life in the areas that matter. It is a snapshot of who you are and how you got here. This has a retail price of $300-$1500 per client...but the value can be priceless to the individual.

The PRISM Life Design Program is an ongoing coaching or counseling relationship that could earn you more per hour than most psychiatrists or psychologists. And, you can make a difference in a more profound way to the client. Who else wants to earn an extra $2000 - $4000 per month (part-time)?

The PRISM Life Design Program is an ongoing one-on-one coaching relationship that helps the client reprogram the unconcious mind for more success, happiness, and wealth. You will be the guide as your client makes shifts at the conscious and unconscious levels by simply completing the detailed curriculum. You help them develop new habits on a weekly basis using the very exclusive PRISM life design program. Plus,, when you join the Certification Program, you are assigned your own "Accountablity Coach" and attend small very personal weekly "Prism Coaching Sessions". It is the best of both worlds... change your life and get a new skill to build an extra revenue stream for you and your family.


You will be certified to deliver both life-changing programs: The Life Assessment and The Life Design Program.


In a comprehensive and eye-opening session, a trained and qualified PRISM Consultant can explore and elaborate on the strengths and hidden talents that a person might not even be aware they have. As important as someone's identity and current personality traits are, they are only the starting point for a meaningful exploration of discovering his/her life purpose, career path, and how to have deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

The physical prism is a ancient tool that converts white light into all colors of the rainbow by separating the light into it’s individual parts.

The P.R.I.S.M. Assessment does the same thing with you so that you can look at each part separately to make adjustments, celebrate your achievements, and build a plan to design a life with intention.


Once you have mastered P.R.I.S.M. Assessment, the next logical step for your clients is to sign up for your 3, 6, or 12 month P.R.I.S.M. Life Design Program. This program will literally change the direction of someone's life forever...and you get to be their coach and trusted advisor.

P stands for Purpose. Most people walk around not having a clear life purpose. Developing a good idea of what makes you happy and fulfilled is essential to mapping out your life design.

P. Purpose

R. Relationships

I. Identity

S. Success

M. Meaning

This assessment starts with a comprehensive analysis of the personality through scientific handwriting analysis, using Bart Baggett’s unique and exclusive PRISM system.

Based on your client's "identity", you will then work together to map out a plan and strategy to fulfill your clients "life design" in all areas of his/her life.

This is so much more than a personality profile or even an in-depth handwriting analysis...this is a life analysis.

This is not a written report in which you sit on the sideline. This is an authentic conversation about what you value most in life and how to get more of it. And, you can put the summary in a 2 page "summary report" which they can reference before and after they complete the Life Design program with you and watch their progress.

If your clients have ever felt disappointed, disillusioned, or frustrated with their own level of personal development or career trajectory...this could be the turning point in their life.

One of the key distinctions your clients will walk away with is the ability to focus on areas where they already have a natural talent or gift to succeed. Many people choose relationships or career paths that are not a "natural fit" and struggle.

The handwriting does not reveal someone's life purpose or what gives them a deep sense of meaning. If your only tool to counsel people is handwriting analysis, then you need more tools to give a deeper and more fulfilling "map" of their worlds and help them design a better life. You must have the tools inside the PRISM system. In fact, the PRISM Life Design program does not require that you are certiifed in handwriting analysis, NLP, or even hypnosis. We teach you the tools you need to change lives.

Your clients will not feel judged.; they will feel understood, celebrated, and excited about tuning into their own special skills and natural abilities.

Once complete, you and your client will have a clear vision of how, together, you both can improve all areas of their life.

What’s more, once you know the client's key fears and inhibitions, you can support them in erasing years of bad habits, fear-based mental programming, and turn that inner voice into your best friend and biggest fan.

Everyone has the ability to change and improve. The plan to achieve that should be based on your own unique situation. One size does not fit all.

Whether your clients are 26, 46, or 66...there is an opportunity for them to know themselves better and make lasting changes so that their next decade is better than the last.

As a certified PRISM consultant, you will have the tools to earn a substantial full-time or part-time living, helping people improve their lives. What's more, you become part of a worldwide community of PRISM consultants that help you get more clients locally and internationally.


This 3 Month "Summer" Certification Program will help you become a Certified PRISM Life Design Constant and start earning a living using the PRISM Life Design Curriculum with a client of your own. You can earn $400 - $2000 a month, per client, helping them redesign their life with your guidance. What if you just had six clients each month?

That means you work 6 hours a week and change the lives of six amazing people. If you only charged the lowest possible, "beginners coaching rate", of $400 a would be earning $2400 a month in profit for your time. That is not a full practice, that is a part-time practice. I think these revenue projections are very low, but I want to be conservative with projections of how much money you can make. Then, when you make $10,000 a month, you are jumping with joy, because you exceeded your expectations.

If you've gotten very good at giving advice and counseling, but wonder how you can actually make a great living and make a profound difference...this program is perfect for you.


The PRISM Life Design Methodology is literally a system that you follow to help your clients get predictable, amazing results.

PRISM Life Design is actually a structured program that you take your client through. The core of the 18 Life Design modules literally change people's lives and help them design a future that is compelling and aligned with their deepest values. We help program new haibts which change their thinking and change their actions.

The PRISM Life Design System works at the conscious and unconscious levels. This is the only program that addresses the conscious habits and the unconscious mind, which normally resists change and sabotages clients' success. This program addresses both, simultaneously.


The system is designed by, and the core methodology is taught by Bart A Baggett. The system is a combination of all the techniques and mental fitness transformational systems he has taught and used for the past 3 decades. While he might be famous for his handwriting analysis trainings...his personal life and 2 day "seminars" have always included elements of designing your life with deep meaning which was not at all related to the skill of analyzing handwriting. The PRISM Life Design System cannot be put into one bucket of "Life Coaching", "hypnotherapy", , "Law of Attraction", "NLP" or even "Life Purpose".

The PRISM Life Design System is an elegant combination of some of the best techniques for transformation ever learned or taught (and a few new ones I have never taught but used in my own life with amazing results).

It works by meeting with the client once a week and developing new unconscious habits in the key areas of life that matter most: Health, Career, Money, Family, and Relationships. Once you have established a PRISM Life Design Assessment, then mapping out a road to transformation becomes easy with the tools you will learn.

Every client starts with a "PRISM Assessment and The Foundation Lessons". . After those sessions are complete, you have lots of other tools to continue the relationship and customize the program to fit the needs of the client as you move into months 4-12 of any coaching relationship.This program could take 3-6 months to complete, depending on your dedication and effort. Even if you just got the PRISM coaching with no certification, your life will transform.

The Special Summer 2018 class is an accelerated class designed to get you certified in just 3 months. The next class will be the Fall of 2018 and will have more people, take longer, and cost more. So, do it now and apply to become part of our training class in the Fall when we have live seminars around the world and hundreds of people in the audience. We need certified practioners when we roll-out the big advertising campaign in September.

The Prism Certification Program is brand new. All the HD quality video trainings were recorded in a studio in Los Angeles, CA. This is brand-new, cutting-edge training by Bart Baggett and his team of world class consultants. You won't find all this information in any other personal development program anywhere in the world. Trust me, I've checked.

Once you get accepted for enrollment, you gain instant access to the entire 18 module course and work directly one-on-one with your own personal PRISM Trainer and Consutlant. You learn at your own pace and meet at the live Q & A training calls, which occur 1-2 times a month during the training. You are also assigned an "partner" whom you work with to practice and perfect the techniques covered in the program. You also get to be part of our PRISM and What's App private Facebook Groups. This will be a community of friend you will be in touch with for years. You are not taking this journey alone. You will have support.


For example:

  • You will learn how to elicit and rank someone's life values in under 20 minutes.
  • You will discover how to help someone find their life purpose & mission statement based on the vocabulary they choose to use when you ask them specific questions.
  • You will have the ability to help focus their time and energy on what makes them really happy and eliminate all the distractions to getting them back "on purpose".
  • You will have a specific methodology that helps them structure their daily habits, health and fitness habits, and even family time in a simple chart, which takes less than 60 seconds a day to track and analyze. You will help them analyze the results each week and celebrate the wins and track the progress.
  • You will have 2 page "Personality Dashboard" which quickly identifies your client's unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • You will help your client and implement their own set of "Magic Questions" which get more of what they want in half the time.

Inside the PRISM Life Design Modules, you learn to help
your clients achieve the following results.

"QUIET" the inner voice of self-doubt and fear. Turn fear into optimism using one simple 30 second daily habit Form "success habits" at the unconscious mind of 3 months that will last a lifetime. Help them track and visually see their own progress both financially and in their personal life.

Create a clearly-defined "Life Purpose" statement that aligns perfectly with their highest values. Create detailed 3 month, 12 month, and 5 year plans which move them from where they are to totally "on purpose" in all the areas of life that matter most: relationships, career, money, health, and family.

The basis of the PRISM methodology is that you are helping create neurological unconscious habits that align the clients' unconscious mind with his or her own highest and most fulfilling life values. This process slowly creates empowering daily habits and over time, opens up entirely new worlds that the client simply could not see before. This is why the PRISM system is so different than traditional coaching.

You are not teaching will power, self-discipline, or accountability. The results will look like the client has more of all three of those, but when the actions are coming from "moving toward" a higher purpose, the actions are effortless and fun to achieve. There is no struggle or will-power needed in this transformation.


This program is not just for working coaches, consultants, holistic practitioners, healers, workshop leaders, hypnotherapists, or handwriting's for virtually every person who wants to makes difference, working with people one-on-one, or in small groups. The PRISM Life Design tools have been embraced by audiences from the USA to India over the past 20 years. These tools have worked on everyone from 13 year old boys to 74 year old women. The methodology makes an impact. You get to take the stage and be the force for change. Bart Baggett has been writing and speaking about some of these techniques since 1994. However, this is the first time he has combined them all together in one comprehensive program designed specifically for Life Design.

You will be the Certified PRISM Consultant.

Whether you are a first-time "coach" or you have been a healer for years, this program is a terrific additional source of revenue and "transformational tools" that have never before been assembled. You will not find these tools in any other certification program.

Only a certified Life Design Consultant can offer the PRISM Life Assessment, which is the best calling card you can ever offer to turn a cold prospect into a raving fan. We even have specialized training and classes for marketing and business availble once you graduate.

The PRISM Life Design system will be used by coaches, experts, and trainers in every "mega-niche". The niches are the four areas of life that matter most to people when they are willing to invest money in making core changes. Which area below are you most interested in helping people with the transformation they are looking for?


If you are not in the business of helping people or don't see your exact business type in the list above, don't worry. This program is designed for the beginner or the experienced consultant. All special niches and skills are welcomed and appreciated.

This is an excellent addition to your education and services if you already have an expertise in any area. This can be the "add-on" that attracts a new type of client and you will learn tools and techniques that helps the transformation take place faster and with more permanence.

It's much more than just a coaching program for the client. It's the ultimate Life Design System.


One of the ways to go from making a living to making a huge difference and a lot more money is to build a successful coaching practice. If you choose to work one-on-one, you can work from anywhere using a laptop, WIFI, and a telephone. Most coaches these days use ZOOM or Skype conferencing technology. Once you fill your calendar with high-paying, one-on-one clients, you will then grow into teaching the same material in small groups with 6-20 people on the same one hour training call. This will become easy once you have 20 Life Design Client work with you one-on-one.

Imagine that experience: You working one hour a week with 20 students in a group coaching call an getting paid $2000 for the hour of your time! It's possible; I've done it. In fact, those numbers are small compared to people I know in this business who have considerably more than 20 people on a training call. Most coaches start working with clients one-on-one as their experience grows.



And, this might be the best get to work with real clients, get paid, and all while you are learning.

As soon as you are ready, I will help you find and enroll PRISM clients around the world to work with you and your fellow students in this upcoming class of PRISM consultants. Since you will not yet be certified, these people will gladly pay a discounted rate and be willing to work with you before you become officially certified. And, you keep 100% of the revenue. But, more importantly, you have a real clients to work with who are paying real money. You get hands-on experience as you train. Change lives, get paid.

Right now, we are about to start a certification level course to help you become a certified PRISM Life Design consultant. If you miss this window, you will have to wait another 4 months and the investment will be $10000. Yep. We are rolling out a worldwide advertising campaign and the tuition is going up significantly.

The letter you are reading is only being shown to a select group of customers, students, and members of our own in-house email list. We are not advertising this Summer School batch to the general public. If you are getting this invitation or reading this page, consider yourself an insider. You are part of our community.

Once you get certified...we don't let you go off into the
business world with no support.

Once you are graduated, we invite you into our inner circle of authors, speakers, and coaches called the Business accelerator program & marketing mastermind. This community and secret website is filled with business strategies that get you clients, get you speaking engagements, and help you learn from each other. We have students on 5 continents, so you get perspectives from working consultants around the globe. You will be invited to join at a significantly discounted membership fee which is offered to the general public.

  • So. If you feel like you've got a calling to help people...
  • If you feel like it would be really cool to have a part-time business where you help people weekly via Skype...
  • If you are you one of those people that feels like everybody is always asking you for advice, and you would like to get paid for your wisdom...
  • If you have written a book, videos, trainings, or blog posts...but you have been struggling to turn those fans into $3000, $6000, or $50,000 a year clients...
  • If you have been trained in some methodology like hypnotherapy, handwriting analysis, or NLP, but you have failed to turn that amazing skill set into a profitable business model...This is for you.

Submit your application now and get started
on your new career as a Life Design Coach.

If you are interested in building a career and getting certified as a Life Design Consultant, simply
press the APPLY NOW button and submit a quick online application. Our team will reach out to you shortly to schedule an
actual person-to-person conversation to confirm this is a "good fit" for you.

The next live training to become a Certified PRISM Consultant starts in June of 2018.  The online training course is available to access right now. As soon as your application is accepted, you get the modules unlocked, and you will be assigned a full time "accountabiliyt coach", so you can hit the ground running.

Over the summer, you are invited to attend "live training sessions" with Bart Baggett and "live coaching sessions" from our team of PRISM trainers (in small hand-picked groups) to help you apply the material to your own life. It is like getting a private coach and certification training in one program.


Click on the "Schedule an appointment" button and answer a few questions.

On the thank you page, you will a calendar where you will book an appointment for a PRISM consultation directly with Bart Baggett or one of certified coaches (only if he is not available in your desired time slot.)

The questionaire is short. It will take you no more than 5 minutes to fill it out, and we can schedule a meeting as soon as today or tomorrow (seriously)...we work fast.

The deadline for applications is quickly approaching and we have a LIMIT on the number of students we can take for this SUMMER SCHOOL. If you you miss the deadlien or don't get accepted, you can re-apply in the Fall.

Simply submit your application and schedule a short conversation with me or my team members to mutually decide if this is a good fit for you.

On the application, there will be a link to our personal calendar and you can book an appointment right away, directly to our calendars. You don't need to worry about time zones or email is automatic.

If this interests you, let's get started.


Yes, - I'd like to apply for this program.

 The series of live classes starts in 2018.. The program includes access to the online video trainings and live classes, directly with Bart Baggett and his team of world class experts.

Submit your application today and grab one of
the remaining seats in this year's PRISM Life Design Certification class.

schedule and appointment now

The Investment into this program with all the bonuses will be in excess of $10,000 when released to the public at our live events in 2018. However, because you are reading this website or working direclty with a PRISM Life Design Graduate, you can get enrolled at a significant savings and get started now. So, it will not be $10,000 during the Summer 2018 class. It won't be free... LOL.

Once you book your appointment we will go over the current prices and
promotional discounts which are being offered this month. Also, you might
qualify for even more discounts if you meet certain criteria.

We have made this affordable and a great investment which can start earning you revenue in a few months.

The deadline for all applications are due May 31, 2018.

Please submit your online application immediatly so that we have time to schedule an interview with you.




You can't procrastinate. There's only 50 spots available for the SUMMER CLASS of 2018, and the first live class starts in mid June. Once we reach our number of new students, we lock the doors and put everyone else on the waiting list for the Fall. So, get in touch with us now for an interview

If the button to submit an application is still on this page, click it now.

Once we reach our class limit the page will be changed to SOLD OUT, and the button on this page will then read "Hold My Spot for the 2019 class at the increased tuition price", instead of "Submit My Application". Do it now. Submit your 5 minute online application with (free) and have a short conversation about this program.

If you've been looking for an opportunity to change your own life and to really change others' lives, this is it.

I look forward to speaking with you in person when we talk on the phone.


Just like all to programs we have sold for the past two decades, your satisfaction and happiness is of the utmost importance. Because the PRISM Certification program is limited to just 50 people this summer, your full participation is essential to your own success and the success of your fellow students.

You have a full 60 days in the program to ask for and receive a full refund if we have failed, or you perceive we have failed, to teach and train in a manner that helps you succeed. This guarantees that we deliver on our promise. All you have to do is consume 100% of the available online content and show up, live, in class. That's it.

You consume the content and attend the classes...if you don't feel it meets your level of expectation, get a 100% refund. No sweat. The only caveat is that fees paid to your personal PRISM Life Design Consutant are non-refundable. We cannot get your trainer's time back, so that part of the refund is industry standard. We have never had to give a refund and never plan too. Our program is too valuable.

Are You Ready to start a new career and identity as a
Master of Life Design?

This is the moment of truth.

Do you have amazing gifts, insights, and experience to share? Do you love working with people and seeing them transform like butterflies right in front of your eyes? Are you ready to attract MORE CLIENTS easily and effortlessly?

If your head is responding with a resounding "Yes", then stick with me, and apply to be a part of this new program. My own life has been transformed through these exact same "Life Design" principles,and you are looking at an invitation to not only master these tools for our own life.. but to get certified to help other people too.

"I'll Be There To Help You Throughout the Program"

While much of the core material has already been pre-recorded and is ready to access, you are not expected to master it alone. I'll be there to help you on our monthly LIVE Q & A Calls to confirm you understand and have mastered the processes.

I'll provide you with powerful coaching and feedback to help you:

  • Master the art of conducting the PRISM Assessment and Life Design sessions.
  • Find premium, high-paying clients who are happy to hire you and work with you.
  • Master the art of getting clients and handling objections with ease and confidence.
  • Break through your inner blocks (fear and old belief systems) that used to hold you back from confidently enrolling clients and changing lives, all the while charging the kind of money that you deserve and the client is happy to pay.

Equally valuable, you'll learn a ton of valuable advice form your fellow PRISM classmates, who are on the calls and are happy to share their advice on these key issues.


BONUSES for this Special Pilot Program Class

1. PRISM Life Design Practice Community.

This bonus will practically ensure your success with your life design sessions.

You will have the opportunity to get valuable practice with teaching and coaching real human beings in a safe environment - by practicing with the other heart-centered and conscious members of the PRISM Life Design community.

One huge additional benefit: You'll be practicing the techniques on people who can actually give you valuable feedback and insights, because they are studying the same system that you are.

Value: Priceless

2. PRISM Life Design Facebook secret group.

This secret group will contain a free flow of questions, answers, and engaging conversation between the instructors, the students, and each other. So, in between live classes and Q & A, you have a resource -- a community -- to help get your questions answered. You can share successes and connect with fellow classmates in a private secret Facebook group.

Value $997

3. The ART of the PRISM Enrollment Sales Conversation.

This is a full video training and the word-for-word, 50 page transcript on how to turn the PRISM assessment into an enrollment conversation. This is an essential core marketing strategy to turning prospects into high-paying, valuable clients.

Value $497

4. The Customer Journey Training.

This is a full 2 hour video training and the word-for-word, 80 page transcript on how to turn a cold prospect into a long-term customer through automation and understanding of how a customer takes a JOURNEY with you from the moment you meet this person to having a working relationship, 10 years later. This concept is at the core of how you automate the process of getting new clients.

Value $497

5. The Six Core Elements of Attracting New Clients

This is a full 2 hour training video which explains the core pieces of how to automate the attraction of new clients so you can focus on what you love to do: consulting. You spend less time shaking hands, passing out business cards, and attending networking events. If you follow this training, you can have prospective customers calling you. They will book PRISM Assessments or reach out to you on auto-pilot. This training teaches you how to automate your marketing and spend your time focused on what matters most to you.

Value $497


Join us for the next 4 months and get certified as as PRISM Life Design Consultant. We help you get real, paying clients and you launch your career as a Life Design Coach.


Common Questions Answered:

Q. Do I have to be a Certified Handwriting Expert to join?

A: No. This progam is open to all people regardless of your prior training in coaching, psychology, or handwriting analysis.

Q. Am I guaranteed to make tons of money after graduation?

A: No. No business is guaranteed to make you any money since your ability to perform, work with clients, and attract paying clients will all dictate your financial success. We guarantee that you will have the most amazing and current PRISM curriculum available for your clients. Anyone who guarantees that you will make money is not being authentic. Your success depends on you and how well you follow instructions, follow the system, and how effective you are at changing lives.

Q. How long does this take to get certified.

A: This course will take up to six months to complete the online and live training modules. Most students will graduate and reveive their certificate. There will be a test and specific criteria of achievements before you are considered "certified". If you attend class, watch the trainings, and do the should graduate in less than six months.

Q: What if I don't attend the live classes?

A: The live classes will all be recorded and available to watch at a later date. However, if you do not attend the classes live, then you will not be able to ask clarifying questions, do the group exercises, or interact with the professors. Your grade is partially contingent on your having attended some or all of the classes, live.

Q: When are the live classes (I might have a scheduling conflict)?

A: We have students in about 8 different time zones around the world, and most of our students have full-time jobs. So, we understand if you have to get up at 4 am to attend class or you have to take a longer lunch from work . We will post the live schedule months in advance, so that you can make arrangements with your family or work to take the hour off. Most classes will be at 8am PST, 11AM EST on a weekend (Sunday). That is 8:30pm in India and 4pm in the UK

Q: How much money can I earn?

A: Each client should be worth $300-$700 per month for new PRISM consultants. However, once you get more qualified, more famous, or more skilled, you will raise your rates to whatever your clients will be willing to pay. Some business coaches earn as much as $5000 per month, per client. Your financial results will vary on your ability to transform lives, sell yourself, and locate and enroll affluent clients that want to exprience a deep transformation. As with all business trainings, we cannot guarantee you will make any money because we cannot force you to take action, follow our systems, or ask for clients. The ulitimate responsibility is on you. We will support you in everyway.

Q: Can I take a client on during the training and start earning money right away?

A: Yes. In fact, we encourage you to take on real, live paying clients during the program. It is very difficult to get the experience you need to be "certified" and confident without working with real clients. Role playing and class interaction can only take you so far with such a subtle and complex skill as transforming lives.

Q. Do I need to have previous training in handwriting analysis to become a PRISM consultant?

A) No. While knowing handwriting analysis is the key tool we recommend to understanding the fears and identity of your can outsource that part of the assessment until you feel competent in that skill set. However, if you are already certified in handwriting will learn how to integrate that knowledge with the PRISM system. Also, if you are certified... ask about our previous client discount.

Q. Do I need to have previous NLP training or be a certified life coach?

A) No. The PRISM system has combined specific skills, questions, and therapeutic processes from many modern forms of psychology. It would take decades to master all of the "source material" that makes the PRISM method work so effectively. Everything you need to know will be presented inside the course. If you have training in NLP, you love this new toolkit.

Q. How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is about 3 months in duration, but only 4-6 hours a month of live training. All the pre-recorded lessons and quizzes are at your own pace. However, the live trainings and interactive sessions with your teacher will be via telephone or webcast. Because working with real clients (paying or non-paying) is part of the certification process...the actual time varies from student to student. You have up to one year to complete your final exams and "work" to qualify for certification.

Q. Do I get Certified if I simply finish watching the online course?

A) No. You have to both watch the online course and "master the material". Tests are given and proficiency of the material is required. You will have to have worked with real clients before graduation as well.


Interested in becoming a trained and certified PRISM consultant?

Yes, - I'd like to apply for this program.

 The series of live classes starts in Spring 2018 and classes are monthly throughout the year. The program includes access to the online video trainings and live classes, directly with Bart Baggett and his team of world class experts.

Submit your application today and grab one of
the remaining 50 seats in this summer's PRISM Life Design Certification class.

schedule and appointment now

The Investment into this program will be reviewed during your interview and efforts will be made to grant you special discounts and promotional rates based on your previous experience and budget. We even offer 0% interest free financing for those that qualify.

YES. I want to apply now.

The deadline for all applications are due May 31, 2018.

Please submit your online application immediatly so that we have time to schedule an interview with you.


Contact our office directly at 310-684-3048

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support @ <--- email

We have students worldwide from India, South Africa, USA, to the UK. Please join us and discover how to systematically help other design a life of joy and meaning.